Enter The World of Historical Fiction

and Judaism

With Ellen Brazer


In the past three years Ellen has spoken to over six thousand people at over one-hundred venues throughout the country. Two of Ellen’s short stories were printed in the Carnegie Mellon Anthology. She lives in South Beach with her husband Mel.

Books by Ellen Brazer

Summary Clouds Across the Sun: Before the end of WWII, Hitler charged a group of his most trusted and brilliant comrades with a mission—educate your progeny and then elevate them to positions of power throughout the world. Steeped in fact and impeccably researched, Clouds Across the Sun is the story of just one of these children. 

From Naples, Florida, New York City, and Washington D.C., to Israel and then the killing grounds of Vilnius, Poland (Lithuania) this story is one of great romance, discovery, redemption, and enlightenment as Jotto Wells discovers her Jewish soul and unravels the intrigue surrounding a plan to take over the government of the United States.

Summary: And So It Was Written is set in the second century, when the Roman Empire ruled the world. Bar Kockba is declared the messiah of the Jewish people. Under his leadership the Jews defeat Rome and rule Judea for three years. As the Romans prepare to reclaim Israel, the book follows two sets of brothers–one Roman and one Jewish, and the daughter of Julius Galen, the father of medicine –whose friendships, hatreds, loves and lives intertwine. From triumph to defeat, this is a story of courage, conquest, familial loyalty, honor and love. Steeped in mystical spirituality and wonder, it peers into the darkest abyss, showing man at his best and at his worst.

Summary for The Wondering Jew: My Journey into Judaism

It all began with a promise: a promise I made to my father, a promise that led me on a journey into the heart and soul of Judaism. The result is this book, filled with intensely personal stories that helped me unlock some of the complicated teachings that make Judaism such a difficult religion to understand. The reader will learn, in a very unique way, the basics of the Jewish religion: Torah, Hebrew Bible, the holidays and the traditions. You will laugh, you will cry, you will question as you are challenged to contemplate the mysteries of Judaism: angels and reincarnation, reward and punishment, good and evil. I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery and wonder.